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The company has been committed to the development of sustainably-sourced, ethically-conscious products for over 20 years, and we’ve taken it from the lab to the market. From building unique design pieces in our studio or using recycled wood when possible, each piece is handmade according these principles - with both quality and function at the heart! We believe that every piece of furniture, from chairs to beds, should be made sustainably. We understand that in the long run, sustainable woodworking is better for the environment, for the workers who produce it and for the people who make it. As we approach 2020, we intend to be able to produce more sustainable furniture in our lifetime by improving our processes, reducing waste, and improving our use of wood. We use recycled wood from tree roots and natural fibres. When you look at this beautiful table, it’s not a piece of the real thing – but rather made using reclaimed timber in an environmentally friendly manner. We source much of our raw materials with eco-conscious sustainability standards that are based on knowledge of how to treat waste responsibly so as never dumping them into landfill. And by sourcing high quality forests for all processes we also help protect habitats where most of our products will be sold. It’s a sustainable company because it’s about being fair to all the people who make, buy, and sell our products, and it’s about respecting the environment. Our business is about building quality products for everyday use that are made in a way that respects the land, our people, and our environment. We believe that when we create something for the people who use it, we can create more value for them. The company started in 2008 with the idea of finding better, sustainable furniture. For us, sustainability means having a better sense of balance in our economy and a more balanced approach to building. In terms of building materials, the majority of our products are made from reclaimed wood, synthetic materials, or natural wood. In the future, we will be more focused on using renewable products such as reclaimed wood, materials from reclaimed wood, or reclaimed materials from reclaimed wood. We will also continue to invest in the use of solar panels, which will improve the energy efficiency of our products.